B.o.B - Many Rivers lyrics


Kali ini saya coba tuangkan Lyrics dari B.o.B yang berjudul Many Rivers lyrics lengkap dengan video klip nya semoga boy and girl terhibur

Many Rivers 

Many rivers to cross
(you ain't got to ask me what I do this for)
But I can't seem to find my way over
(I do this for my city)

Constantly on the come up
Constantly on the come up
But I always get this feeling
And it's constantly on my stomach
I learned to always follow my instinct
When you come from where I come from
They try to make a nigga feel like
King Kong in the concrete jungle
Damn, cause they don't teach niggas how to deal with anger
Nah, they only teach niggas there ain't nothin' real but danger
Politics will not swing in our favor
Cause all of us are rappers or entertainers
But I still woke up and said, "Young nigga, get it
Cause this is your life you can choose how you live it

Are we just lost in the city of madness?
Or do the powers that be just lack human compassion?
I don't know...

And they don't want you to speak the truth, man
See when you speak the truth they like to make you feel crazy
But you ain't crazy, don't let them lie to you
Whoever you are, you out there
Keep doing you, man, fuck the haters
Let 'em hate, let 'em hate

You only get one life, you know
And this life ain't in my control
When you talk about politics, it's a rod for a lightning bolt
Tell me how do you fight a war when the price is for your soul?
When you gambling with your life, that's a hell of a pair of dice to roll
They say, "Bobby Ray where you went? All you talk about is whips"
I say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it take a sip
Yeah, everybody got their own two pennies
But what does that mean if it don't make sense?
I see the crowd, their hands up high
But what does that mean? What do they get?
At the end of the day what I get paid and they go home what do they think?
How can we ever be free if policies don't ever change?

You know, sometimes it feels like it's just against the world, man
Who really got our best interests, man?
Don't, don't, don't let 'em take your soul, man
Don't, don't, don't let 'em take your soul, don't take your soul

Many rivers to cross
(you ain't got to ask me what I do this for)
But I can't seem to find my way over
(I do this for my city)

No Genre
People ask me what No Genre means
You know, I once did a mixtape called No Genre
I didn't realize that no genre man, like no genre really described my career
People started, like, gravitating toward No Genre and, you know, I was like, "Fuck it, let's do a part two
It really can't be defined by any genre, so
Fuck it man, No Genre

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